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Germany is not only a popular holiday destination because it is not far away. It is also a beautiful holiday country. The country is varied and whether you are looking for breathtaking countryside, relaxing, beautiful historical sights or treat yourself to culinary delights, Germany is the ideal destination.

Holiday lettings in Germany are always an excellent choice. You can go to a self-catering cottage in Germany. Germany has beautiful cities like Berlin, Cologne or Munich, but also many countryside possibilities such as the Eifel, the Harz or other areas.

Germany ideas & tips:

Holiday cottages in Germany

Go on holiday to Germany. Rent one of the holiday homes in Germany and go to the Black Forest where you can go for wonderful walks in the woods.

In addition, the area is also known for its natural springs, enjoy a wonderful day of wellness in one of the many spas in the Black Forest.

Or choose a beautiful holiday home in Germany in the Eifel region, which is only a few hours from the Netherlands. The Eifel region is known for its beautiful hills and many rivers and lakes. The area is perfect for an active holiday, from mountain biking to all kinds of water sports.

Besides the many natural beauty in Germany, the bustling city of Berlin is of course an absolute must! Interhome offers numerous affordable apartments in the culturally and historically rich capital of Germany.

Holiday Home in the nature of the Eifel

One of the most popular German destinations is the Eifel and a cottage in this beautiful area will certainly not disappoint you.

The beautiful countryside has its origins in volcanic eruptions tens of thousands of years ago and its remnants, in the form of medium-high mountains and beautiful lakes, form a fantastic environment for walking, enjoying the water or other ways to relax.

The area is bordered by the Moselle and the Rhine and there are many nice holiday homes to be found. There is plenty of space for water sports in the area and we are not only talking about swimming but also about activities in wild water, such as rafting, hydrospeed or kayaking.

It's all possible from your cottage in Germany. Book now and go self-catering in Germany.

Other activities in the Eifel

The Eifel offers much more than just nature. In the vicinity you will find all kinds of beautiful towns and cities, ranging from Monchau to Trier and Cologne, with a wealth of history and attractions.

But also the zoos in the area are highly recommended and motorsport enthusiasts go from their cottage in Germany of course a look at the famous Nurburgring.

The children, but also adults of course, will enjoy the Dinosaur Park Teufelsschlucht and Phantasialand that is just outside the Eifel area.

To Bavaria with Munich, mountains and forests

If you cross the border from the Netherlands and drive about 900 kilometres to the south, you are in Bavaria. It is a wonderful area with nature, culture and activities. From your cottage in the south of Germany you have the opportunity to explore the Bavarian Forest in Bavaria.

That low mountain range on the border with the Czech Republic offers you wonderful hiking opportunities. The landscape with meadows and hills in the Allgäu is also a wonderful holiday destination, while Bavaria is of course a real winter sports destination in winter.

In the Bavarian Alps, for example, we find winter sports resorts such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen and at the Zugspitze you will even find a glacier ski area.

Day trip or city trip to Munich

Of course it is very nice to have a look around Munich. This city in the far south of Germany combines style, historical sights and joy of life.

Whether you visit the city from one of our German holiday cottages to visit the Marienplatz, the Frauenkirche or the Gärtnerplatzviertel, or just to relax in one of the restaurants or beer gardens of the city, you will not regret it. But also further in Bavaria there is plenty to enjoy.

From castles like the mysterious Neuschwanstein to the medieval city of Regensburg, Bavaria is impressively beautiful.

Water sports at Lake Constance

In the southwest corner of Bavaria lies Lake Constance, a huge lake that actually consists of two lakes that are connected to each other. Lake Constance is situated in beautiful surroundings, where you can relax.

The lake is actually a three-country point between Germany, Switzerland and Austria and via the white fleet of tour boats you can visit the beautiful villages and places on the lake, including Friedrichshafen. And that is just one example, because you may also want to spend some time in Constance.

This is a city with beautiful sights and of course the open-air museum Uhldingen-Mühlhofen with its special wooden houses. A visit to the island of Mainau is also highly recommended. Villas in Germany near Lake Constance are a wonderful holiday spot.

Holiday Home in the Sauerland

Another nice holiday area in Germany is the beautiful Sauerland. The Sauerland has a varied landscape with mountain peaks above 800 metres high. Besides the rolling hills, you can also go to the Attahöhle, not far from the Biggesee. You will find in the cave system metre long stalagmites.

And there are more underground activites in the Sauerland, in the old mines near Ramsbeck. There you will be taken into the old gallery system by mine trolley and you can marvel at the remnants of the old industrial history.

But also the winter sports area of Winterberg is a great place to visit any time of the year. Whatever you choose to do in the Sauerland, a holiday home in Germany is the perfect base.

Holidays in the Harz

Much further east in Germany we find the special mountain area of the Harz. This is a low mountain range with as highest peak the Brocken of 1142 metres.

The summit is located in the Harz National Park, a nature reserve in which you can see the Eurasian lynx and the black stork if you are lucky. Whether you want to enjoy the water at one of the lakes or just want to relax and walk, the Harz makes it all possible.

It is a lovely quiet holiday area and a holiday home in Germany near the Harz will certainly provide a memorable stay.

The Harz offers much more than just nature. In the more mountainous areas in Germany, the area has been intensively mined since the Middle Ages with precious metals such as silver and copper, but also lead and zinc are extracted.

Besides the remnants of mining it is also interesting to take a ride on the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen with classic equipment including 25 steam locomotives maintaining a regular timetable between 44 stations.

Holiday rentals Germany

Wherever you book your holiday home in Germany, the country is incredibly varied. History and culture lovers, nature lovers or water sports enthusiasts, everyone comes back relaxed from a holiday in Germany. For your children especially, it is a wonderful country where there is more than enough to see and experience.

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